E2 Multisports is dedicated to helping athletes of all abilities excel in endurance athletics. Our mission is to build strength, speed and stamina while minimizing the risk of injury. Our comprehensive, high-quality endurance program is designed to meet the goals, ability and daily schedule of each individual member. E2 Multisports is your answer for intense, individualized and sport-specific training. Here you will become a better athlete.

Personal Training

Personal Training is an excellent way to get started exercising, or to take your workouts to the next level. Roland Moreno with E2 Multisports will design an individualized training program that can help you prepare for a particular sport or event, manage your weight or recover from an injury. E2 Multisports will keep you motivated, working hard and reaping the rewards of dedication regardless of age, level of fitness or experience.


Whether you are first timer looking for guidance or a seasoned triathlete, E2 Multisports mission is to show that triathlon is possible for any age or ability. Workouts are prescribed to accommodate the individual’s lifestyle, level of fitness, experience and goals. Each swim, bike and run session will be prepared with your race’s topography, climate and elements that mirror your race day conditions. In addition, we will also provide a race day plan that includes strategy, pacing and fueling.


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